Connect to HIV Prevention, Treatment and Innovation

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Enroll in Illinois HIV Care Connect

If you are an Illinois resident living with HIV, enrolling in Illinois HIV Care Connect will enable you to receive the care and support you need. Improvements in prevention, treatment and access to care have enabled many people to live full, busy lives in good health.

Learn more about how to enroll confidentially at no charge at

Once enrolled, a case manager will determine your eligibility for services and benefits that may include medication payment assistance; insurance premium assistance; outpatient, mental and oral health care; substance abuse services; food bank; medical transportation; short-term utility and rent assistance, and more.

HIV Innovation in Illinois

Organizations and professionals serving the Illinois HIV community continue to develop innovative approaches to HIV research, prevention, treatment and support services. The HIV Innovation in Illinois web page serves as the introduction to a series of articles about this innovation.

Take the HIV Innovation in Illinois Quiz!

The HIV Innovation in Illinois Quiz is an engaging introduction to a series of articles found at our HIV Innovation in Illinois web page. Take a minute to see how well you score and then learn more about the innovative work being done in Illinois!