Communication Toolkit

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Help us spread the word about Illinois HIV Care Connect!

Use these Communication Toolkit items to help create awareness about Illinois HIV Care Connect among professionals and the media. These materials are also appropriate for HIV+ individuals when provided to them confidentially. Click on the item name to review. We have printed copies of the materials in red. Health care providers may request copies via this form.

Exhibit for conferences or meetings. Request this exhibit for conferences or meetings you will attend.

Folded palm card with regional map. This folded, wallet-size card provides basic facts about Illinois HIV Care Connect.

Letter. This letter can be used as part of a mailing about a regional office of Illinois HIV Care Connect. You can tailor this Microsoft Word document if you wish.

Logo. Right-click the link (option-click for Mac) and choose “Save Link As…” to save the logo jpeg to your computer.

News sources. To arrange interviews for a news story about Illinois HIV Care Connect, contact Ray Valek, e-mail, 708-352-8695

Newsletter article. This article can be submitted to a newspaper, newsletter or Web site or serve as background to a reporter or writer.

PowerPoint presentation. Use these slides and talking points to present information about Illinois HIV Care Connect.

Presentation folder. A handy folder to hold various items relating to Illinois HIV Care Connect. Comes with 10 x 13 envelope.

Tri-fold brochure. Communicates basic information about Illinois HIV Care Connect. Perfect to use as a handout at a meeting, conference or presentation.

State map. This map shows the counties served by each regional office.

Regional offices and services. A list of services provided by region, with local contact information.

Web page text. Use this text to add a Web page about Illinois HIV Care Connect to your Web site.

Social media graphics. Use these images on social media platforms.

Y.O.U.T.H. Quiz graphics. Use these images on social media platforms.

Y.O.U.T.H. PowerPoint presentation

Y.O.U.T.H. presentation slides pdf

Illinois HIV Care Connect poster