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Illinois HIV Care Connect needs medical, dental and mental health providers to join the network

Illinois HIV Care Connect is always looking for Medicaid-certified medical, dental and mental health providers who wish to serve the HIV+ population. Our providers share a commitment to an important and rewarding cause. Payment rates to providers are negotiated by the regional project directors, who work hard to find fair, “win-win” solutions for providers and people living with HIV.

To learn more, contact your regional project director.

MATEC provides training and consultation to physicians wishing to treat or currently treating HIV+ patients

If you are a primary care provider to an HIV-positive individual, you may benefit from free and low-cost clinical education training programs and consultation services offered by the Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center (MATEC). MATEC’s training programs help primary care providers to build their HIV treatment proficiency through didactic and skill-building training. MATEC also offers free clinical consultation services by Illinois-based HIV experts to help you manage an array of HIV patient treatment needs. To learn more, go to