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Review New Treatment as Prevention Web and Video Content, Then Take the Quiz

Springfield, Ill. – Jan. 9, 2018 – To encourage people living with HIV to stay committed to their HIV care regimens, Illinois HIV Care Connect has developed educational Treatment as Prevention web and video content and the Treatment As Prevention Quiz. Review this content, then take the quiz! If you’ve taken the quiz already, see if you can improve your score.

The quiz gauges your understanding of how HIV treatment benefits your health and how HIV care prevents you from transmitting HIV to others. HIV-positive individuals who regularly take their anti-HIV medications and achieve viral suppression, or a low level of HIV in the blood, have virtually zero chance of transmitting HIV to others, according to the results of two recent medical studies – HPTN 052 and the PARTNER study. Similarly, pregnant or breast-feeding women who achieve viral suppression have virtually no chance of passing HIV onto their babies.

The new web and video content covers topics such as the latest HIV research, how HIV treatment can prevent HIV-positive pregnant women from transmitting HIV to their babies, and how PrEP can assist HIV-negative individuals with HIV-positive partners from acquiring HIV. All the content, including a video and a link to the quiz, can be found at

Illinois HIV Care Connect is communicating messages about treatment as prevention using text, graphics and videos on the Illinois HIV Care Connect website ( and on its Twitter, Facebook, YouTubePinterest, and Instagram social media platforms.

Funded by the Illinois Department of Public Health and managed by the Illinois Public Health Association, Illinois HIV Care Connect is a statewide network providing medical case management, health care, and support services to people living with HIV. Seven lead agencies coordinate the services provided to eight Illinois regions through the program. About 45,000 Illinois residents are estimated to be HIV-positive. Serving people living with HIV in all of Illinois’ 102 counties, Illinois HIV Care Connect lead agency offices are located in Rockford, Peoria, Springfield, Belleville, Murphysboro, Champaign and Chicago.