Y.O.U.T.H. Quiz for Young People Living with HIV: Answer Key

  1. Are you a resident of Illinois?
  2. Are you living with HIV?
  3. What is your age?
    There are no right or wrong answers to these first three questions.
  4. PrEP is a daily medicine that can be used to prevent which of the following?
    Correct answer: HIV from a sex or needle-sharing partner
    Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) other than HIV
  5. Which of these actions, behaviors or conditions can put you at a greater risk of transmitting HIV to others?
    Having sex without a condom with a partner who is not taking PrEP
    Having sex without a condom when you have not achieved viral suppression (an undetectable viral load) —
    Having multiple sexual partners
    Injecting drugs and sharing needles or works with others
    Correct answer: All of the above
  6. True or false. Wearing a condom during sex can reduce your chances of transmitting HIV to others.
    Correct answer: True
  7. What is treatment as prevention?
    Treatment as prevention is when an HIV-negative person takes PrEP to prevent getting HIV
    Treatment as prevention is when a person living with HIV takes HIV medication to reduce the risk of passing along HIV to others
    Correct answer. Both A and B are true.
  8. Which of the following age groups has the lowest percentage of people living with HIV who have achieved viral suppression?
    Correct answer: 13-24
    35 and older
  9. Where do you receive your health information? Check all that apply.
  10. Which one of the following choices best describes your current status as a person living with HIV?
    There are no right or wrong answers to these last two questions

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