How You Can Reduce Your Comorbidity Risks

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To prevent risks related to comorbidities, take ART exactly as prescribed. Never cut down, skip, or stop taking your HIV medications unless told to do so by your health care provider.


Regularly engage in physical activity to decrease your risk of contracting diabetes or cardiovascular disease.


Reduce consumption of foods containing refined sugar, carbohydrates, and sodium – highly prevalent in processed foods. This will reduce the risk of contracting diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Regular health care, including screenings

Engage in regular health screenings to decrease the risk of comorbidities. These health screenings may include monitoring blood pressure and blood lipids, cancer screenings (colon and oral cancer screenings for all, testicular and prostate for men, and breast and cervical for women), and getting tested for hepatitis B and C and tuberculosis. In addition, tending to your mental health helps to manage stress and conditions such as depression and anxiety.


Follow vaccination recommendations to prevent the risk of comorbidities. Get a flu shot every year – it can provide safe and effective immunity throughout the flu season. CDC recommends everyone stay up to date with COVID vaccines for their age group. This includes people with HIV, regardless of their CD4 count or viral load. CDC recommends that anyone with HIV get vaccinated against mpox (monkeypox).

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