Access to Dental and Mental Health Care

Do you need help finding a dentist or mental health care provider?

Good dental and mental health care are essential to living healthy with HIV. Illinois HIV Care Connect can help you find a dentist or mental health care provider.

Dental care services available to Illinois HIV Care Connect enrollees include diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic services provided by a general dental practitioner, dental specialist, dental hygienist/auxiliary, or another trained primary care provider.

Mental health services include psychological and psychiatric treatment and counseling services for individuals with a diagnosed mental illness, conducted in a group or individual setting, and provided by a mental health professional licensed or authorized within the state of Illinois to render such services. Learn more about HIV and mental health.

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Contact the Illinois HIV Care Connect regional office near you to learn more about dental and mental health care services.

Region 1: Northwestern Illinois 815-720-4000

Region 2: Heart of Illinois 800-801-8751; 800-526-0857 TTY

Region 3: Central Illinois 888-308-8105

Region 4: Southwest Illinois 618-825-4471

Region 5: Southern Illinois 877-745-1424

Region 6: East Central Illinois 888-801-3172

Region 7: Collar Counties 312-922-2322

Region 8: Cook County 312-922-2322

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