Premium Assistance Program (PAP)

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The Illinois Department of Public Health offers a health insurance premium payment program to assist people with HIV/AIDS who have an Illinois marketplace insurance plan, Medicare Part D, a Medicare supplemental plan, or another commercial group health insurance plan. The Premium Assistance Program (PAP) helps to cover the costs of a single or family plan and to include a spouse and children on a family health insurance plan. 

Who is eligible for PAP?

Individuals must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Diagnosed with HIV or AIDS and supply viral load laboratory results not older than 6 months prior to enrollment.
  • Currently live in Illinois and have a legal home address (domicile) in Illinois.
  • Have an Illinois marketplace plan, Medicare Part D, a Medicare supplemental plan, or other health insurance coverage that is not payroll-deducted.
  • Meet the current income limits outlined by PAP. View the current income and federal poverty levels outlined by the program.

ADAP Medication Assistance Program (MAP)/ Premium Assistance Program (PAP) hotline: 


Please review these attachments if you are interested in enrolling in Premium Assistance: