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The Illinois HIV Integrated Planning Council (IHIPC) is now accepting applications for eight voting members and six at-large, non-voting membership terms beginning January 2021. Applications for the 2021 new member selection process will be accepted through Sept. 15, 2020.

At-large members go through the same application and election process as our voting members. They also receive the same orientation and are held to the same training, meeting attendance, and committee participation requirements. That way, when the terms of voting members come to an end, we can easily transition at-large members into vacated slots. Once in a voting position, elected members serve a two-year term, which may be followed by a second two-year term.

Integrated HIV planning is a process by which community representatives, persons living with HIV, service providers, and other key stakeholders partner with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to inform the development/update of the jurisdiction’s Plan for HIV Prevention and Care. Effective planning is based on review of HIV epidemiological data/trends, evaluation of HIV care and prevention programs and services, assessment of issues and challenges impacting the epidemic, and a participatory needs assessment process. Community engagement in planning is essential to obtaining a broad range of perspectives/input from affected populations and to building consensus on recommendations about HIV programs, resource allocation, and priority setting that will enable the State to accomplish the goals and objectives identified in the Integrated Plan.

IHIPC membership responsibilities include:

  • participating in required trainings and meetings
  • providing input into decision-making and problem-solving related to HIV planning
  • involvement in committee work and special projects required in the community planning process
  • assessing data and information needed to make recommendations relevant to HIV planning
  • advocating for and educating the community about the HIV community planning process

The 2021 meeting schedule has not yet been determined, but IHIPC membership requires participation in a combination of orientation trainings, various online trainings, 2 ½ hour IHIPC webinar meetings, and face-to-face meetings each calendar year. The trainings are typically offered early in the year, with webinars occurring 3–4 times per year and face-to-face meetings occurring 2–3 times per year. Each member is required to participate in a monthly 1-hour conference call of their assigned IHIPC committee. Members may also be asked to work on committee projects or attend community engagement forums when held in their region. Participation in webinar meetings requires that members have access to a computer and a telephone. Authorized travel-related expenses for members to attend and participate in the face-to-face meetings are reimbursable, upon submission of a completed travel voucher, and usually within 2–3 weeks after the travel.

All applicants will receive acknowledgment of receipt of their application. Applicants may be contacted by the IDPH IHIPC Coordinator or Community Planning Specialist to clarify any information provided on the application. The final determination of selected applicants will be made by the IHIPC in October 2020. Newly selected members will be notified of their acceptance in late October and will then be scheduled to participate in a New Member Orientation in December 2020. Newly-selected members will begin their terms on January 2, 2021. Applicants who are not selected will also be notified by email in October.