Health Care and Other Services

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After your intake meeting with your medical case manager, you will learn whether or not you qualify for various kinds of services, depending on your income and insurance status. Not all of the following services may be available, and the nature of services may vary, by regional office.

Core Medical Services

  • Professional diagnostic and therapeutic services rendered by a physician, physician’s assistant, clinical nurse specialist, or nurse practitioner in an outpatient setting such as a clinic, medical office, mobile van or other location where patients generally do not stay overnight. Emergency room services are not outpatient settings. Services include diagnostic testing; early intervention and risk assessment; preventive care; screenings; and vaccinations for hepatitis A and B, flu and pneumonia. Other services include examination by practitioner, medical history taking, diagnosis and treatment of common physical and mental conditions, prescribing and managing medication therapy, treatment adherence, education and counseling on health issues, well-baby care, continuing care and management of chronic conditions, and referral to and provision of specialty care in all medical subspecialties. Primary medical care for the treatment of HIV infection includes care consistent with the U.S. Public Health Service’s guidelines.

  • Psychological and psychiatric treatment and counseling services for individuals with a diagnosed mental illness, conducted in a group or individual setting, and provided by a mental health professional licensed or authorized within the state of Illinois to render such services.

  • Diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic services provided by a general dental practitioner, dental specialist, dental hygienist/auxiliary, or another trained primary care provider.

  • Provided by a licensed registered dietitian outside of a primary care visit and including the provision of nutritional supplements.

  • Outpatient medical or other treatment/counseling for the abuse of alcohol or other legal or illegal substances. Treatment/counseling can be rendered or supervised by a physician or rendered by a qualified professional.

Support Services

  • Actual food or meals or voucher to purchase food. Does not include finances to purchase food or meals.

  • Short-term assistance to support emergency, temporary or transitional housing to enable an individual or family to gain or maintain medical care. Limited to a lifetime assistance of 24 months per household.

  • Services relating to powers of attorney, do-not-resuscitate orders, and interventions necessary to ensure access to eligible benefits, including discrimination or breach of confidentiality litigation relating to services eligible for funding under the Ryan White program. Does not include any legal services that arrange for guardianship or adoption of children after the death of a normal caregiver, the preparation of wills or trusts, or permanency planning.

  • Interpretation and translation services necessary to access core medical or support services.

  • Conveyance services provided, directly or through voucher, to an HIV+ individual so that he or she may access core medical or support services.

  • Support and counseling activities including child abuse and neglect counseling, HIV support groups, pastoral care, caregiver support, and bereavement counseling.  Includes nutrition counseling provided by a non-registered professional.

  • Counseling or special programs to ensure readiness for, and adherence to, complex HIV/AIDS treatments by non-medical personnel outside of the medical case management and clinical setting.

  • Short-term payments for utility or housing rental expenses. Emergency assistance for housing rental is usually a one- or two-time only occurrence.

Health Care and Other Services